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Coaching & Personal Development

...because life doesn't go in straight lines and often takes more work than you think!

"I went to David with an evening, sofa drinking problem, I was burying myself. This came hand in hand with a fuggy head and anxiety. I didn’t know how to move forwards. I was completely stuck on a hamster wheel, spiralling down hill, slowly but surely.

David provided me with an emotionally and physically comfortable space, to explore all my anxieties and untangle the mess that I had become. He was honest, kind and he supported me to work out a clearer, happier way forward. So today I am walking on that path moving towards the choices that I clearly want to make. I feel empowered to take control of who I am and where I am going. I cannot thank him enough. I also know that he is always waiting in the wings helping me to fly again!"


'A' - Spring 2022

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How I Help

A time of crisis or change is a time of decision. It can be both deeply scary and profoundly beautiful.

In this time of change, you get to make decisions and take actions that your future self will thank you for daily.
Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours.

I will listen to you with a professionally trained ear. you will be heard.

I will help you to become the hero of your own story and the leader in your own life. I will help you to analyse and learn from your experience and then take action.

I will empower you to make connections with the experiences and people that will shape your next chapter.

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