Where Did the Hero of My Childhood Games Go?

I love listening to my eight year old daughter playing in the bath. She has a toy box in the bathroom containing Playmobil, Barbies and My Little Pony figures and she has great fun creating adventures for them to go on. Of course, all the stories have a hero and, listening to her, I’m really aware of how each hero seems to express what she wishes for herself; kindness, courage, persistence and a willingness to fight for the underdog. In playing out these stories, she’s telling me (although she doesn’t realise it) about her values.

In our middle years, when the joyful imagination of an eight year old seems light years away, life seems muddier somehow. A fog of dos and don’ts, oughts and shoulds has descended exacerbated by our knowledge of our own compromises and failures. Heroism seems like a distant, childish fantasy; but is it?

The objective of my work is to put clients back in touch with this inner hero and, in so doing, put them in touch with their values and enable them to write a whole new, fresh life-giving and joyful story about their lives. So I introduce them to the idea that the inner hero of their childhood games is still in there, BUT that hero has now been tested, educated and prepared for battle by all the experiences, the knocks, the apparent failures and setbacks. Not only is their inner hero as alive as they’ve ever been, but they are now stronger and wiser.

So here are my tips for beginning to get back in touch with your inner hero:

  1. Find a time each day to remember your favourite childhood games with your favourite toys. what stories did you create? What values did the hero express?

  2. Keep a card in the purse, wallet or pocket - somewhere you will have it near you all the time - with your ‘Hero Values’ written on it.

  3. Finally, take time at the end of each day to celebrate the little ways in which you have been true to your childhood self and, where adult compromises or disappointments have seemed to distance you from your younger self, always remember that tomorrow is a new day!

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