"No Work of Any Kind" - My Experience Observing Shabbat in Jerusalem

In 2015, I spent some time in Jerusalem. Saturdays in Jerusalem take a bit of getting used to. The Jewish Sabbath or Shabbat is strictly observed. This means no work of any kind. The hotel became a DIY venue and even the lifts were set to automatic so that they continuously visited each floor in turn to save anyone from having to press a button!

On the Friday evening, I shared the Shabbat meal with a Jewish family. Their 15 year old daughter was slightly grumbly about the prospect of 24 hours without access to her smart phone, but in general, the family embraced the enforced down time.

The ancient wisdom that lies behind the keeping of Shabbat seems incredibly sensible to me. Placing regular, reliable rest and detox from tech in the diary and committing to its observance is a very healthy habit.

So, during August, why not try one or all of the following?

  1. Take 24 hours away from your smart phone, social media and other tech.

  2. Take an hour each day away from tech temptation – go for a walk, get outside, take exercise and leave the phone behind.

  3. In each hour, schedule an alarm to make you stop, breathe and look around you to notice your environment, the sights, smells and tastes of the moment. Breathe!

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