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How to Live a Good, Full, Flourishing Life

As a funeral celebrant I listen to a lot of eulogies, and it’s about the most useful thing I do. Generally, I conduct around 250 funerals a year, meaning that I listen to around 250 eulogies a year. That means that, in a year, I will have 250 opportunities to think about what it means to live a good, full, and flourishing life. The knowledge gained from all this listening is the fundamental fuel behind my work with those experiencing major life change.

There are, I think, three key elements to living a life that you can confidently describe as flourishing: ⭐ Flourishing people accept where they are and who they are, and feel gratitude for every experience that has brought them to that moment. ⭐ Flourishing people know that they have flaws, and yet full accept and love themselves unconditionally. ⭐ Flourishing people always hold themselves to higher standards than those to which they hold other people.

As we all begin to look forward to a life after the pandemic, I challenge you to sit still for a moment to:

Honour fully who you are in this moment. Wonder about ways in which you are failing to love yourself unconditionally. Set yourself targets for achievements and boundaries for behaviour that will draw you, almost without you noticing, into your very best life.

I help people experiencing major life change, or those wanting to make major life changes to find clarity, confidence and connection to their true path.

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