Good Choices Take Time

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Actions speak louder than words, so the well-worn cliché has it, but be careful, because the rush to action can expose us to old patterns that have let us down in the past. Good actions are the product of good choices and, when you are under pressure, good choices take time.

When big changes hit us, be they pleasant or unpleasant, it’s incredibly tempting to take action; move house, change job, rush into a new relationship... I’m sure you recognise what I’m saying. Taking action can give us the illusion of control when things feel pretty chaotic, but if we don’t examine the deepest motivations behind our actions then we are likely to repeat unhelpful patterns and invite yet more chaos.

Big change is an invitation to stop, consider and regroup because the choices you make and the WAY in which you make those choices will tell you a great deal about yourself, and self knowledge - as Socrates knew - is the key to everything.

Here are some tips to get to the bottom of your true motivation:

1. Make a list of your most important values. Any decision you make must be tested against that list. Make sure you include ways to guard your self-worth and set good personal boundaries.

2. Take time to really think about your vision for your future. Ask yourself what you want from life, but be very careful not to make this dependent on the actions or opinions of others.

3. Ask yourself big questions about your purpose in life. Life is finite, why are you here?

4. If all of the above seems a bit daunting, employ someone to guide you through it. It’s good for this person to be outside of your family or friendship group as they won’t have any assumptions or expectations.

Times of change and crisis are scary and it’s so tempting to busy ourselves in trying to get control of what seems out of control, but time taken to make good choices will be the thing that your future self will thank you for.

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