A Time of Remembrance

As the cliché has it, Christmas is a time of giving. It is also a time of frenetic activity and complex, swirling emotion. For many, it’s a time when the absence of someone, or a major and difficult life change, causes the festivities to be tinged with difficult feelings that can be exquisitely painful.

So, if it is a season of giving, then make sure you give enough to yourself to ensure that you survive and indeed thrive through this turning of the year.

Bereavement at Christmas

The absence of someone we have lost can feel particularly sharp at Christmas. In our culture, we can shy away too easily from talking about or memorialising lost loved ones at Christmas, but we can learn a lot from other, supposedly more primitive, cultures about how to remember loved ones, make them present and celebrate their part in our formation.

Keeping a place at the table

Whilst you might not want to keep an empty chair at the lunch table, why not find a nice photo – especially of you and your loved one doing something together, or one that really shows their true character – and place it in a nice frame and put it on the table with decorations and a candle.

As the meal begins, light the candle and have those present raise a glass to ‘absent friends’.

David and his grandmother ‘Mabs’ Linaker, Christmas 1980.

A Remembering Bauble Either source a commercially produced tree decoration that really represents the character of your loved one, or visit your local craft shop and make a decoration of your own that will be brought out year on year and keep your loved one present at Christmas. Make sure that as you place that decoration on the tree, you pause to feel gratitude for that person and all that they mean to you.

Create a Social Media Post Facebook or Instagram are great platforms on which to create a post to remember your loved one on Christmas Day and keep them present in your mind and the minds of your friends. Here’s how: ⭐ Find a great picture ⭐ Write a positive caption about your loved one’s contribution to your life ⭐ Send good wishes to all who are feeling the same way Easy!

I hope you and yours have a truly peaceful and life-giving Christmas, and may all that is waiting to be born in and through you find its way safely into being in the New Year.

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