All coaching is essentially about drawing out what’s already there. My practice is about encouraging you to meet and connect with your deepest and most authentic self and tap into that reservoir of creativity, resilience and confidence.



So, how does it work?

Typically, the coaching process is based around regular meetings (usually weekly or fortnightly). I work with you to establish their desired outcomes and then, to achieve this, I might ask you to commit to certain practices, such as individually created and tailored guided meditations and exercises that focus on themes such as gratitude, kindness or creativity. I then reflect with you at each stage on how this has gone and what work is still needed. The aim isn't to spin out the process longer than necessary, but to give you a feeling of confident forward momentum.



How much does it cost?

The first meeting (1 hour) is free of charge. From there a package can be tailored to suit individual needs. Some people may be looking for guidance to get them started or to help them through a particular event, others will be looking for a longer coaching relationship.


Here’s what ‘TH’ had to say:


”Sometimes life throws you a massive curve ball. So unexpected it knocks you off balance. It is easy to just stay knocked down but with expert guidance you can and you will pick yourself up and become a stronger you. David was the expert who gave me that hand, give him your time and the reward is enormous... a restored and improved you.”

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